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Our mission : Make your life easier !

Knoxbox is a tech-enabled subscription service, that allows you to store your belongings and to declutter your home without lifting a finger.

We created Knoxbox in 2016 with one objective: make storage effortless and affordable. With none of the constraints of traditional self-storage and a 5-star service, we aim at making your life easier, one box at a time.

Because no one loves carrying their stuff to a storage unit and paying more than they should, we designed the best service to make storage hassle-free and affordable, so your house can feel like home again!

A new way to store

Not so long ago, storage was nothing short of a nightmare: too expensive, too complicated, and not suited to your needs.

So we asked ourselves:


Why do we have to own a car or rent a van to store our stuff?
Why do we have to waste an entire afternoon and bother our friends just to haul heavy items?
Why pay for an entire storage unit, just to store a few boxes?

We felt frustrated that there was no simple, online storage service to make life easier for us.

All we wanted was a easy and affordable storage service.


That's why we created Knoxbox:
A brand new tech-enabled storage service, allowing you to store your stuff without lifting a finger.

Knoxbox: an on-demand storage service

Our service helps you to:

  • Push out the walls of your apartment and gain living space.
  • Save on conventional storage solutions.
  • Improve your storage experience and quality of life.

We allow you to consume storage like a service that fits your needs and budget, and isn’t a constraint!

How does it work?

  • We offer a 5-star service: online order and payment, collection, storage, and delivery directly to your door.
  • Our facilities are closed to the public and monitored 24/7, so your belongings are totally safe.
  • But if you prefer, you can collect your stuff in person using our reception area..
  • Instead of paying for a surface, you only pay for the volume you actually use, which makes our service much more affordable than traditional storage.
  • You never have to lift a finger.
Knoxbox comment ça marche ?

Our team, our values

Our daily commitment to our customers can be summed up in three words:


Our customers’ opinion is very important to us, so we constantly take it in account in order to improve our service and better meet your needs.


Knoxbox is not only an online service, it is a local one. Accessibility, transparency, and proximity are our top priorities.


We are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

To find out more, click on “Our values”.

Wondering where we store your stuff?

Our warehouse, conveniently located at the heart of Paris, is a full-fledged vault, so your belongings are safe with us! Physical and electronic surveillance, motion-sensor cameras, fire detectors, alarms...Everything is in place to make sure your stuff is in safe hands!

To find out more, go to the page on our warehouse.

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