Article 1.             PREAMBLE

1.1These General Service Conditions (hereinafter, the “GSC”) apply to the services provided by the company Stockage Plus, SAS, a simplified joint-stock company registered in the Paris trade and companies register under number 817 446 248, with a capital of €1,267,160 e, having its head office at 163 rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France.

1.2 The Client acknowledges that, by accepting the GSC, he/she is acting in the capacity of a Consumer, as defined by the prefatory article to the French Consumer Code, and that the Services are not intended for a commercial, industrial, artisanal or agricultural business for exclusively private purposes.

1.3The General Service Conditions shall apply to the exclusion of all other conditions.

Article 2.             DEFINITIONS

2.1 For the purposes of the GSC:

Goods: Refers to any and all material goods that the Client stores on the premises provided to him/her by the Company.

Outsized Good: Refers to Goods that are too large to place in one of the Containers provided by the Company.

Collection: Refers to the operation carried out by the Company, consisting of collecting the Goods from the Client.

Client: Refers to any physical person with a status of consumer, as defined by the prefatory article to the French Consumer Code, who has agreed to the Services.

Container: Refers to any packaging materials (namely including plastic bins, cardboard boxes, etc.) in which the Goods may be stored as part of the Company’s Services.

Delivery: Refers to the delivery of Containers to the Client.

Return: Refers to the operation carried out by the Company, consisting of returning the Goods to the Client. A return may be full or partial.

Website : Refers to the website located at

Services : Covers all of the services provided by the Company.

Company: Refers to Stockage Plus, SAS, a simplified joint-stock company registered in the Paris trade and companies register under number 817 446 248, with a capital of €1,267,160, having its head office at 163 rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France.

Article 3.             GEOGRAPHIC AREA

3.1 Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the Services will only be available to the Client in the geographic area defined by the Company, currently limited to Paris and the surrounding region.

3.2 The Company does, however, reserve the right to adjust that geographic area.

Article 4.             NATURE OF THE GOODS

4.1 The Client guarantees that the stored Goods are the property of the Client and/or that he/she has the right and the power to manage them, namely to store them as stipulated in the GSC.

4.2. In the event of a claim from a third party concerning ownership of the Goods, the Company will keep the Goods until their ownership has been established and will return them upon valid proof of ownership of the Goods, or other documentation showing that the Client is free to manage them at his/her discretion.

4.3 The Goods may not be:

-          fragile objects, made of or containing any glass or porcelain;

-          antiques or works of art;

-          containers of liquids, foodstuffs or other perishables;

-          living organisms;

-          arms or munitions;

-          goods that might emit smoke or any particular odor;

-          gold or silver ingots, or jewelry;

-          coins or banknotes, securities, shares or holdings in companies;

-          fur, ivory or precious metals or stones;

-          illegal goods or substances (particularly drugs);

-          health products, as defined by the French Public Health Code;

-          hazardous, explosive, flammable or corrosive products that could cause an exothermic reaction, flammable or combustible materials, compressed or liquid gas, diesel, oil, gasoline, gas, synthetic fertilizer or cleaning solvents, toxic, radioactive, infectious, corrosive or hazardous substances, chemicals or counterfeit goods;

-          publications or audiovisual media that are prohibited by any applicable laws or regulations;

-          any other good that might, in any way, either violate current regulations or be likely to damage the Goods.

4.4 If the Company should observe the presence of any of the Goods listed in Article 4.3 of the GSC, and if the Client fails to remove them within eight (8) days of a request to do so from the Company, the latter reserves the right to enlist the services of any specialist (in handling, transportation, etc.) to return the Goods to the Client, at the latter’s expense.

4.5 The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept any Goods, if it considers that:

-          the Goods do not comply with the terms of the GSC; or

-          the safety of any property or person could be endangered by storing those Goods.

4.6 The Company is not required to examine the Goods. However, the Company or one of its subcontractors will be allowed to open any Container if:

-          the Company suspects that it may contain any of the Goods listed in Article 4.3 of the GSC;

-          the Company is required to do so by a court ruling, under applicable laws or when required by the authorities, namely including the police, but also the fire department;

-          It needs to do so in order to avoid any property damage or bodily injury.

4.7The Company may, without assuming any liability, open, return or transmit to any competent authority any of the Goods listed in Article 4.3 of the GSC, or else, by virtue of a court ruling, destroy those Goods. The Client will be held liable and will be bound to compensate the Company for any costs and losses incurred as result thereof.

4.8  The Client alone shall be liable for any violations of applicable regulations in connection with the Goods, and will protect the Company against any harmful effects resulting from his/her non-compliance with this obligation.

Article 5.             SERVICE REQUESTS

5.1 All reservations for the Delivery, Collection or Return of the Goods must be made via the Website.

5.2 A customer account must be created, with a username and password. It is the Client’s responsibility to protect the security and confidentiality of his/her username and password and to immediate alert the Company if he/she suspects or determines that they have been stolen or hacked. In the event of the fraudulent use of banking information, the Client is asked to notify the Company as soon as he/she becomes aware of that misuse.

5.3 The initial minimum quantity upon subscription to the Services is two (2) Containers. There is no minimum quantity for Outsized Goods. After the first Collection, no minimum quantity is applied.

Article 6.             TERMS OF SERVICE

6.1 Subscription to the Services shall constitute acceptance of the GSC.

6.2 The data recorded by the Company on the Website, along with the confirmation emails exchanged with the Client, shall constitute proof of all past transactions.

The data recorded by the payment system shall constitute proof of Service requests and financial transactions. The Company reserves the right to refuse any request from a Client with whom there is an outstanding payment dispute, without the latter being entitled to any compensation whatsoever. The online communication of the Client’s bank information and the Client’s subscription to the Services shall constitute proof of the Client’s agreement, in accordance with the provisions related to electronic signature, and express acceptance of all fulfilled Service requests.

6.3 Several payment methods can be used on the Website. Payment for Services is to be made by bank card, using a secure multi-channel payment platform. The following types of cards are accepted:

-          Carte Bleue;

-          Visa; and

-          Eurocard / Mastercard.

6.4 Le paiement en ligne par carte bancaire est assuré par une solution sécurisée qui intègre un procédé de cryptage. A aucun moment de la transaction, la Société n’a accès aux coordonnées bancaires du Client.

6.5 Online payments by bank card are made using a secure solution that utilizes an encryption process. At no time during the transaction will the Company have access to the Client’s bank information.

If declined by the bank, the Service request will automatically be denied

Article 7.             RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL

7.1 The Client will have a period of fourteen (14) days from the time of subscription to the Services in which to exercise his/her right of withdrawal. The Client may exercise that right by any available means, namely including the withdrawal form provided on the Website and in the appendix to the GSC.

7.2 The Client may request a Goods Collection before the right of withdrawal has lapsed, at his/her discretion and on condition of submitting an express request for this. If, despite that express request, the Client should decide to exercise his/her right of withdrawal within the allotted 14-day period, after having waived it, he/she must then pay for the Return of the Goods at the rate in effect for partial Returns.

Article 8.             PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS

8.1 The Client is responsible for the Goods’ packaging, which must provide them with complete protection during transportation and storage, according to the nature of the Goods. The Client must carefully wrap and protect the Goods, particularly if they are fragile, by means of multiple layers of bubble wrap, a protective cover, tissue paper, spacers, etc. Outsized Goods (mattresses, sofas, etc.) must be wrapped in covers and protected by plastic wrap or cardboard, or any other solid packaging. The Company reserves the right to refused any unpackaged or poorly-packaged Goods.

8.2 Once filled with the Goods, the weight of each Container must not exceed twenty-five (25) kg. If that maximum weight is exceeded, the Client will receive an additional invoice for the Container’s transportation and storage, as per the prices then in effect at the Company. The Company also reserves the right to refuse to transport such Containers.

8.3 The Client must ensure that the tops of his/her Containers will lay flush when closed.

8.4 If the Company reasonably considers that the Goods do not meet these packaging requirements, it may, at any time, refuse, return or repackage the Goods, at the Client’s expense.


9.1 Deliveries, Collections and Returns may take place at the address provided by the Client within the area serviced by the Company.

9.2 The Containers will be delivered by the Company and accepted by the Client, in good condition, clean and free of defects at the time of Delivery. Any anomalies must be indicated upon receipt.

9.3 The Client is required to:

-          communicate and update his/her information as soon as possible in his/her account space on the Website;

-          ensure that the Goods have been packaged in accordance with the Company’s packaging requirements and that the tops of his/her Containers will lay flush when closed;

-          ensure that the Goods are secure and protected, such as not to cause any damage, namely to the Goods themselves, or to the Company’s employees and subcontractors; and

make sure that the Client or his/her duly authorized representative is present at the time of Delivery, Collection and Return of the Goods.

9.4 Deliveries, Collections and Returns can be cancelled or modified at no additional charge on the Website, up until 1 pm CET the day before the scheduled Service. If the cancellation or modification is submitted after 1 pm CET the day before, the Company reserves the right to apply penalties. For Deliveries, Collections and Returns taking place on a Monday, the cancellation or change request must be made by 1 pm CET on the preceding Saturday.

9.5 The Company transports the Goods.

The Company will not transport:

-          the Goods listed in Article 4.3 of the GSC; or

-          Goods that do not comply with the Company’s packaging requirements.


9.6 The Company may postpone or cancel any Delivery, Collection or Return if it reasonably considers that there is a risk of endangering any employee, agent, company or member of the public, based on any reasonable grounds, including but not limited to weather conditions or if the Delivery, Collection or Return address is inaccessible. The Company will notify the Client of this by email, as soon as possible.

9.7 The times provided by the Company for Deliveries, Collections and Returns are to be understood as estimated times only. The Company may not be held responsible for any delays of fewer than two (2) days for a Delivery, Collection or Return.

9.8 The Company reserves the right to bill the Client, as a surcharge applied to the Services, for any handling deemed to be excessive, in the case of Outsized Goods requiring mechanical handling.

Article 10.           PERIOD OF SERVICE

10.1 Service subscriptions cover an initial period of at least three (3) months. After that minimum period, the Client may terminate the Services at any time by placing an order for the complete Return of all of his/her Goods, on condition of giving thirty (30) days’ notice.

10.2 The Company may terminate the Service, in writing and with immediate effect, in the following instances:

-          non-payment of any amounts owed, including any interest, by their due date;

-          violation of any of the provisions of the GSC; or

-          for any other reason, on condition of giving thirty (30) days’ notice.

10.3 Each new monthly period begun must be paid for in whole.

Article 11.           PRICES

11.1The price list is appended to the GSC. Billing for storage begins at the time of Collection of the Goods.

11.2 The Company will bill the Client for the cost of the Containers, as per the prices set out in the appendix to the GSC, if the Client has failed to organize Collection of the Goods within fourteen (14) days of Delivery of the Containers.

11.3  The Client will not be billed for the complete Return of the Goods, with the exception of Outsized Goods, which will be billed in addition, as per the prices then in effect on the Website.

11.4 The Client will be billed for any partial Returns, at the prices in effect on the date of the Return request.

11.5 The number of Goods per transport is limited to the carrier’s actual capacity at the booked Service time.

11.6 All Service requests must be paid for at the time of submission of the Service request.

11.7 If the Client is absent, the Goods Return location is inaccessible or the Goods Return address is incorrect, additional charges may be applied at the rates in effect on the Website, subject to the provisions set out in Article 9.4.

11.8 The prices will be indexed to fluctuations in the consumer price index, as published by INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies). The prices will automatically be indexed every year, on the anniversary of the Client’s subscription to the Services, based on the last published index. The Company will adjust its prices based on increases in the baseline index.

Any price changes other than the aforementioned indexing will come into effect as per the provisions on modifications to the GSC, pursuant to Article 22.

11.9 All prices are stated in euros, inclusive of VAT.

Article 12.           PAYMENTS

The first payment will be payable on the date of subscription to the Services. Thereafter, payments are to be made monthly, on the anniversary date of the Collection.


13.1 Payment declined: if, for any reason whatsoever, the Client’s card issuer does not authorize payment to the Company for the Services, the fees charged to the Company by the card issuer will be borne by the Client.

13.2 Late payments: if any payment for the Services is not made by its due date, the Company may collect administrative fees from the Client, without prejudice to any other rights or recourse it may have (including the right, under the GSC, to retain or dispose of the Goods). This may be done:

-          by email;

-          by telephone;

-          by letter sent as part of the Company’s debt collection process;

-          as part of a debt collection process entrusted to a third party.

13.3 In the absence of payment within thirty (30) days of the due date, the Company reserves the right to relocate the Goods to any other storage location, without assuming any liability for any loss or damage that might occur as a result of that relocation.

13.4 Additionally, if the Client fails to make payment for the Services by the due date, the Company may bill him/her for:

-          interest on the outstanding amount, at the augmented legal interest rate stipulated by Article L.313-3 of the French Monetary and Financial Code; and

-          any transaction fees or charges incurred by the Company, namely expenses for moving, auctioning off or otherwise selling the Goods.

13.5 If the Client fails to make payment, as stipulated in the GSC, for the Services, fees or any other amounts payable, or if the Client fails to fulfill his/her obligations hereunder, particularly with regard to the items listed in Article 4.3 hereof, the Company will issue a formal notice to the Client to comply with his/her obligations, on pain of termination of the Services, sent by registered letter with return receipt.


14.1 If the Client fails to remedy the breach within fifteen (15) days of the initial attempt to deliver the formal notice, the Company may terminate the Services, as of right, by registered letter with return receipt. In that case, the Client must retrieve the Goods within five (5) days of receipt of the second registered letter with return receipt.

14.2 If the Client fails to retrieve the Goods within the aforementioned time, he/she will be liable for compensation for monthly occupancy in the amount of the monthly price of the Services, inclusive of VAT, except in the case of any agreed discount, plus thirty percent (30%), through the date of retrieval of all of the Goods. The Client will remain responsible for all of his/her obligations hereunder, and the consequences thereof, without the Services being considered to have been extended or renewed.

14.3 If the Client fails to retrieve all of the Goods within one (1) month of termination of the Services, the Client automatically authorized the Company to return the Goods to the address used for the last Return, Collection or Delivery, or to his/her billing address, at the Client’s expense, between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm CET, Monday to Friday.

Article 15.           INSURANCE

15.1 Each Container and all of the Goods that it contains, and each Outsized Good, is insured with the Helvetia Group, in the amount of three hundred euros (€300). In the event of a claim, the Client must provide all of the supporting documentation required by the Company’s insurer.

15.2 If a Container and all of the Goods it contains, or an Outsized Good, should exceed the value of three hundred euros (€300), the Client must maintain an insurance policy covering the Goods for all insurable risks, taken out with an insurance company known to be solvent, and this for the duration of the Services. Failing that, and subject to the stipulations set out in Article 15.1, any damage to or loss of the Goods will be borne solely by the Client, regardless of the cause, including in the event of the Company’s gross negligence. The Client’s insurance policy must contain a non-waiver clause covering any legal recourse against the Company, its insurers and its co-contracting parties.

Article 16.           LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY

16.1 The Company will perform the Services with due care and skill, in accordance with the stipulations of the GSC.

The Company will not be liable for:

-          packaging or boxing the Goods in Containers;

-          connecting, dismantling or reassembling devices, accessories, equipment, furniture, etc.; or

-          the continuous availability of the Website or its features.

16.2 Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any loss, theft, damage or deterioration of the Goods that:

-          is not a direct consequence of the Company’s violation of the GSC, or of an intentional action or omission or negligence on the part of the Company or its agents;

-          is the result of extraordinary circumstances, or of the Client’s tardiness or absence for a Delivery, Collection or Return;

-          was caused by the Client’s failure to conform to the GSC;

-          concerns the Goods listed in Article 4.3 of the GSC;

-          concerns Goods that do not meet the packaging requirements or any other clause set out in the GSC;

-          leads to a loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or savings, or damages the Client’s reputation or causes any lost time to him/her; or

-          was not reasonably foreseeable at the time of subscription to the Services, regardless of how the loss, theft or damage occurred.

16.3 The Company will have no liability toward the Client in the following instances:

-          for damage to the Containers (as opposed to damage to the Goods inside the Containers);

-          if the Goods are seized by virtue of a law or court ruling; or

-          for any indirect damage or consequential loss.

16.4 The Company’s liability is limited to three hundred euros (€300) per Container, for all of the Goods that it contains, and per Outsized Good.

16.5 The Company may not be held liable for any damage, theft of loss of a Good, or for the non-fulfillment or delayed fulfillment of its obligations, when caused by an unforeseeable and compelling event or circumstances constituting a force majeure event, as understood by French courts, including but not limited to: carrier strike, flooding, earthquake, natural disaster, war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, civil war, uprising or riot, chemical or biological contamination, any law or court order, rule, regulation or directive, or any measure taken by a government or public authority, fire, extreme weather conditions, suspension or breakdown of a service, including but not limited to the supply of electrical power, gas or water, labor dispute, including but not limited to strikes, and the unavailability of factory equipment, the Internet or telecommunications.

Article 17.           LIABILITY OF THE CLIENT

17.1The Client represents and guarantees that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age. The Company may ask for proof of the Client’s identity in the form of an official document, particularly for Goods Returns or in the event of a dispute.

17.2 The Client may not:

-          use the Services in a way that is illegal or fraudulent, or for any of the Goods listed in Article 4.3 of the GSC; or

-          sub-let, resell or give the Services, or use of or access to the Services, to any third party, whether for commercial or other purposes, unless the Company has previously agreed to this in writing.

17.3 The Client is required to:

-          provide his/her contact information to the Company and keep them up-to-date;

-          make sure the Company or its carrier has all the access that might reasonably be required to carry out the Services;

-          be present, or ensure that the person previously authorized by him/her is present, at the time of Delivery, Collection and Return of the Containers;

-          wrap, attach, steady and protect his/her Goods solidly in the Containers, so as not to sustain, expose or cause, or the one hand, breakage or damage to any Goods, whether or not they belong to the Client, or, on the other hand, injury to the Company’s personnel, employees or agents, including through the emission of moisture, leaks, smoke or substances;

-          comply with the packaging requirements set out in Article 8 of the GSC;

-          ensure that each Container and Outsized Good is clearly labeled and identifiable, by means of the specific label provided by the Company, solidly attached using adhesive tape;

-          notify the Company of any loss, theft or damage to the Goods during Delivery, Collection or Return, within two (2) business days; and

-          reimburse the Company for any damage, liability, costs, claims and expenses incurred by the Company as a result of the Client’s improper use of the Services or of any violation of the GSC by the Client.

17.4 The Client acknowledges that the Company is unaware of the actual value of the Goods and that he/she must take out and maintain an insurance policy covering all of the insurable risks that might be caused by his/her Goods, with an insurance company known to be solvent, and this for the duration of the Services.

Article 18.           CLAIMS

18.1 In the event of a claim, the Company and the concerned insurance companies will be entitled to demand proof of the current replacement cost of the Goods. The Client must reply without delay to all of the Company’s requests for information on this subject.

18.2 Once the Goods have been returned, the Client must examine them immediately and notify the Company of any loss, theft or damage to the Goods, within two (2) business days of the Goods’ Return. If the Client is unable to notify the Company within the allotted timeframe, he/she acknowledges that the Company will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage.

18.3 Such claims may be made, at the Client’s choice, by telephone (+33 (0)1 76 40 02 67), by email (, or by mail (Stockage Plus, 163 rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France).

18.4 If the Client fails to provide any of the information and documents requested by the Company within twenty-eight (28) hours of the Company’s request, the Client acknowledges that he/she will be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the Goods.

Article 19.           TRANSFER

19.1 The Company may subcontract the fulfillment of any of its obligations under the GSC (including transportation and storage) to a third party, but such subcontracting will not release the Company from its liability under the GSC.

19.2 The Client may not transfer any of his/her rights and obligations.

Article 20.           NOTIFICATIONS

All of the notifications stipulated in the GSC may be made by registered letter with return receipt or by email:

-          for the Company: sent to its head office; and

-          for the Client: sent to the address of his/her last Return, Collection or Delivery, or to his/her billing address.

Article 21.           RIGHT TO DISCLOSE COMMENTS

21.1 If the Client should share any comments or suggestions with the Company, in connection with the Website or the Services, he/she acknowledges that the Company has no obligation of confidentiality regarding any comments, suggestions or assessments communicated to it.

21.2 In the case of such disclosure, no identities will be revealed.


22.1 The Company reserves the right to modify the GSC at any time. In that case, the new version of the GSC will become applicable fourteen (14) days after notification of the Client. As an exception, for any Clients whose initial minimum period of three (3) months has not yet expired, any price changes will only apply after the end of that initial minimum period.

22.2 If the Client does not accept the changes to the GSC, including to any price changes, he/she may terminate the Services at no additional expense to him/her, by requesting the Return of the Goods within fourteen (14) days of the date of receipt of this notification from the Company.

Article 23.           PERSONAL DATA

23.1 Collection of personal data

The Website will collect the following personal data:

-          New account:When the Client’s account is created, his/her full name, mailing address, email address and date of birth are recorded.

-          Login: When the Client logs into the Website, it will record, in particular, his/her full name, his/her connection, use, location and payment data.

-          Profile: Use of the Services will populate the Client’s profile, potentially including an address and a telephone number.

-          Payment:When payment is made for the Services, the Website will record the financial data related to the Client’s bank account or credit card.

-          Communication: During communications with the Company, data related to the Client’s communications will be stored.

-          Cookies: The Website uses cookies. The Client may choose to disable cookies in his/her browser’s settings.

23.2 Use of personal data

The personal data collected from the Client will be used for the purposes of providing and improving the Services, and maintaining a secure environment. More specifically, personal data will be used for the following:

-          access to and use of the Website by the Client ;

-          management of the Website's functioning and optimization; du Site;

-          organization of the terms of use of payment services;

-          verification, identification and authentication of the data provided by the Client;

-          provision of user support;

-          management of any user disputes; and

-          transmission of commercial and advertising information, as per the Client’s preferences.

23.3 Sharing of personal data with third parties

Personal data may be shared with third-party companies in the following cases:

-          quand le Client when the Client uses the payment services; for the implementation of those services, the Website is in contact with third-party banking and financial institutions, with which the Company has contractual agreements;

-          when the Client publishes information that is accessible by the general public in the Website’s comment fields;

-          when the Website uses the services of outside providers to deliver user support, advertising or payment services. Those providers will then have limited access to the Client’s data, for the purpose of performing those services, and will have a contractual obligation to use that information in accordance with the provisions of the applicable personal data protection regulations;

-          if required by law, the Company may communicate personal data to enable it to respond to claims against it or to comply with administrative or judicial procedures; and

-          if the Company is involved in merger, acquisition, asset disposal or bankruptcy proceedings, it may be compelled to transfer or share some or all of its assets, including personal data. In this case, the users will be informed before their personal data are transferred to a third party.

23.4 Transfer of personal data

The Client is hereby informed that his/her data will be hosted in the European Union and will not be transferred outside of that geographic area.

23.5 Security and confidentiality

The Company has implemented organizational, technical, software and physical measures pertaining to digital security, in order to protect personal data against their unauthorized alteration, destruction or access. However, it should be noted that the Internet is not a completely secure environment, and the Website cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted or stored via online.

23.6 Exercise of the Client’s rights

Pursuant to the applicable personal data protection regulations, the Client has the right to:

-          update or delete his/her data by logging into his/her account and configuring its settings;

-          exercise his/her right of access, to inquire about his/her personal data, by sending an email to the following address: If the Client chooses to do so, the Company may request proof of his/her identity, for verification purposes, before fulfilling the Client’s request;

-          request that his/her information be corrected, if the personal data that the Company has for him/her are inaccurate, by sending an email to the following address: ;

-          request that his/her personal data be deleted, after termination of the Services and in accordance with the applicable data protection laws, by sending an email to the following address: .

Article 24.           GENERAL

24.1  If the Company should choose not to exercise any of its rights or options under the GSC, this shall not constitute its waiver of that right or stipulation.

24.2 If the Company should choose not to enforce any of the GSC’s stipulations at a particular time, this shall not be interpreted as a waiver of its subsequent enforcement of that same stipulation.

24.3 If, for any reason whatsoever, any of the GSC’s stipulations or a portion thereof should be found inapplicable, invalid or unenforceable, all of the other stipulations will continue to apply, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

24.4 Pursuant to Articles L.616-1 and R.616-1 of the French Consumer Code, the Client is hereby informed that he/she may submit any disputes to the consumer mediator (

However, the matter may only be submitted to the mediator after having first attempted to resolve the dispute directly with the Company, by means of a written complaint.

24.5 These General Service Conditions are governed by French law. Both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of France.