Our secure storage warehouse

A central location in Paris

Our warehouse is located in central Paris, in the former archives department of the Paris police headquarters, a short distance from the Gare de Lyon railway station.

The very nature of this premises of over 1,000 m² means that we can guarantee storage in a dry environment, thus preserving the integrity of your personal belongings.

A larger warehouse near the ring road

This warehouse located in Porte d'Ivry, Paris intramural, allows us to add 3,600m² of storage space in addition to our customers.

It has access semi-trailer with several loading docks, a refrigerated space, many office rooms and a photo studio.

This second warehouse is essentially business oriented, if you are interested, go to UrbanHub

A secure and monitored space

KnoxBox has also taken measures in terms of high-performance remote monitoring, alarm and protection systems to ensure that the site is protected from intrusion.

24/7 surveillance

Double reinforced doors.

Detectors, fire alarms.

Covered loading dock

An adapted loading dock

The loading dock is protected from bad weather, which guarantees dry loading and unloading conditions in the event of rain, wind, snow or other inconveniences.

This means that your personal belongings are protected, including during their arrival at and departure from our warehouse while being handled for transport.

A computerized follow-up

We use shelving and pallet racks to optimise our storage areas.

The storage of your personal belongings is monitored by computer, and we use specific software enabling us to know the precise position of boxes and other objects in our warehouse at all times.

Each item has a label with a barcode, specific to each unique order number and box number.

Get your stuff in 24h

On request, and with an appointment 24 hours in advance, you can go to the warehouse to view a box or collect an object.

In this case, once the appointment is confirmed, we will prepare your box so that everything takes place quickly and smoothly when you come.

For security reasons, access to the storage is not authorised, and you will only have access through the security doors of the reception area.

Our customer reception area is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30 and Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00.

To take a appointment :

please contact our customer service at serviceclient@knoxbox.fr or +33 01 76 40 02 67.
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