The partners who trust us


MyTroopers is a start-up specialising in small-scale moving (all apartments of less than 40 m²) and furniture transport. They are one of our preferred partners for all our transport.


Host N Fly is an Airbnb concierge service in Paris. KnoxBox is a special partner for the storage of their customers' belongings.


Smartrenting is a legal subletting solution, managed for free. It pays your rent during your absence.


DashDoc is the first portal developed in collaboration with carriers, enabling the use of 100% electronic transport documents.


Amistock with Emmaus. Knobox is an Amistock collection point. On behalf of Emmaüs Défi, we collect small-scale donations of objects and textiles from neighbourhood residents!


Papernest takes care of the administrative formalities that occupy so much of your time: subscriptions to energy, Internet, telephone, television and house insurance providers. It's free, it takes 20 minutes, and Papernest undertakes to propose the best offers to you in terms of value for money.


We chose Helvetia for optimal protection of your items.

All our storage plans include basic coverage by our partner Helvetia up to €300 per box or oversized item.

If the value of your items is superior to €300, ask your insurance company and check if your coverage extends to external storage, as it usually does.


Raja provides KnoxBox with double-wall fluted cardboard boxes made in recycled and recyclable materials. These are ideal for transporting, storing and protecting your belongings.

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