Urban storage, responsible and sustainable

A sustainable approach to urban storage

Everyday, Knoxbox places sustainability at the center or its strategy, for it is a key value of our company. We want to play our part in designing the future of our city!

We believe that each and every step toward more environmentally-friendly business activities is also a step toward a more sustainable and respectful urban environment.

By optimizing our transports, choosing electric vehicles, using recycled boxes, and helping charities, we actively contribute to the increase in business sustainability and stay true to our values!

Greener, smarter transport

We group our deliveries in order to optimize the length and duration of our drives and minimize our carbon footprint.

Moreover, we exclusively use electric vehicles with low carbon emissions. We partnered with Pakaj, a green transport company that uses non-polluting vehicles.

Learn more about Pakaj

Recycled boxes for greener storage

All our cardboard boxes are made recycled and recyclable.

They are industrial-grade double walled cardboard boxes.

Perfect to protect, store, and haul your stuff while preserving the environment.

Our commitment to give back

Knoxbox is proud to offer a free donation service to all customers! While choosing your storage plan, you can add an extra box and fill it with the items or clothes you wish to donate.

These boxes will then be donated to our charitable partner Emmaus.

We also partnered with Amistock and became the main donations collection point in our area, allowing everyone within our community to give items and clothes that we then collect and deliver to Emmaus Défi.

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