Storing, in 4 easy steps


1- Order the boxes  and services you need online

Through our website, you can order boxes of any size and shape, book tailored storage space for your bulky items such as sofas or electrical appliances, or book an even larger surface to suit all you storage needs.

If you already have suitable boxes, just calculate your storage plan directly through our “Order” page.

Once you know what you want to store, you can select:

  • the duration of your storage plan.
  • the delivery date for your boxes.
  • the pickup date once your boxes are ready.

You can then safely proceed to online payment. All details of your storage plan are listed: the price of your monthly subscription, and the transport fees for bulky items.

Still not sure? You can always get in touch with a member of our customer service and we will help you find the perfect storage plan.


2- Pack your stuff

Your boxes will be delivered to the location of your choice, on the day you selected.

You have up to 20 days to pack everything.

The boxes we provide are very sturdy and perfectly suited for long-term storage. They are free, included in your storage plan, and you can keep them after we return your stuff.

Knoxbox can also provide other material to help with packing:

  • bubble wrap,
  • tape,
  • protective covers, etc.

3- Knoxbox picks up your boxes and stores them

On the day of your reservation, our movers will come collect your boxes. They will come to your door and carry everything for you, even you heavier items.

Your boxes will be safely sealed, equipped with a unique barcode allowing us to track them individually, and then stored in our warehouse.

Our storage facility is located in the former warehouse of the Police de Paris’ Archives. Needless to say, it is equipped with the highest level of protection equipment: alarms, 24/7 surveillance, motion-sensor cameras, and anti-intrusion system.

Pick and storage fees are all included in your storage plan.

For oversized items (furniture, appliances, bed frames, etc..), the transport fee is €29/item.


4-Get your stuff back, whenever you want

If you want some or all of your boxes back, all you need to do is either call us, email us, or ask us via our friendly chatbot. Delivery will be made within 24h.

Your boxes can be delivered to the pick up address, or any other address within the Paris area.

If you want all your boxes back at once, the delivery is included in your storage plan, and therefore totally free!

If you want all your belongings to be returned, the cost is already included in the price, and you pay nothing more.

Finally, you can always modify your plan by adding or withdrawing items. Upon request, our team will find the best option for you.

If you have any question, visit our FAQ or reach out to our customer service by calling 01 76 40 02 67 or emailing

What can you store with Knoxbox?

  • Carboard boxes,
  • Furniture,
  • Electrical appliances,
  • Bed frames, mattresses,
  • Sofas,
  • Tables, etc.

Items we don’t store: hazardous material, illegal items, perishables, flammables, liquids, living things, or vehicles.

We have a storage for pretty much everything else! Just give us the size of your item, and we will tell you the corresponding price.

For any specific request or to get a quote, feel free to get in touch with our customer service using our email, phone number, our chatbot. We would love to help you!


Axa insurance for goods in storage


Insurance for belongings stored is included in our offers.Axa insures up to €300 including tax per box and/or outsize object.

If your goods are worth more than €300 including tax, you can contact your insurer and see if you are already covered for items stored in a storage unit. In general, your home insurance contract provides for an extension of coverage.

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