Storage for companies in Paris

We collect, we store and bring back your wares

You are a corporate, an association, a professional.
You need archiving, storage, storage of finished goods or materials.

Who needs to use Knoxbox ?

Archive storage
We store your records and deliver them whenever you need them.

Cafes restaurants
Entrust us with your stock and your seasonal furniture, we deliver it back according to your constraints.

Shops & e-commerce
Streamline your logistics: reception, storage, delivery, returns, etc.

Transport and moving
Your client is relocating. We store your clients' office equipment between locations, no matter how long.

Sales representatives
Have your approach stock and samples delivered as close as possible to your offices or customers in Paris.

For Stores
Your last-mile partner in Paris, in and out.


Pourquoi externaliser votre stockage ?

You gain

  • Store whatever is taking up unnecessary space.
  • Outsource your merchandise stock.
Pourquoi externaliser votre stockage ?

Your documents

  • The warehouse is located in the former archive department of the Police headquarters.
  • You have full control over the confidentiality of your documents.
Pourquoi externaliser votre stockage ?

You are

  • Store your archives and gain efficiency.
  • Have your documents delivered in less than two hours.
Pourquoi externaliser votre stockage ?

You improve

  • A calm, uncluttered environment.
  • The quality of life at work is an indicator of performance.

You make savings.

You do not pay property charges for the area occupied by your merchandise and archives.
This means you reduce your fixed charges while benefiting from advantageous storage prices.

They rely on us

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