Furniture storage

Without breaking your back!

Are you moving or doing alterations,
and need to store your stuff?

For a move or a home staging

In France, one in 10 people move each year!
It's an important moment in life. During this time, you may need to store your belongings – for example, before you get the keys to your new home, or to make the interior of a property look less personal in view of a sale.

Knoxbox is the ideal solution to store your belongings for the time you want without having to budge an inch.

Store belongings temporarily during alterations

You sometimes need to find a safe place for furniture during alterations, to prevent them from being splashed with paint or covered in sawdust, for example.

Knoxbox collects it from your home, sparing you the chore of taking it all the way to a storage unit.

Knoxbox has an innovative, modern, and handy solution for storing your belongings in total security while you are away.
We have the space which you don't have!

We provide an alternative to the usual solutions such as self-storage or renting a storage unit.

When you have finalised your order, we come and collect your belongings from your home, store them for as long as you want in our dry, secure warehouse, and return them to you when you get back.

It's the perfect all-in-one on-demand storage solution for city dwellers.

On s'occupe de tout pour vous !

Vous n'avez pas besoin de vous déplacer jusqu'à un box de stockage, de transporter vous même vos affaires et de conserver la clé du local pendant votre abscence.

Vous avez le temps de vous concentrer sur ce qui compte pour vous, et avez l'esprit libre.

We take care of everything for you!

No need to budge
Before you leave, we deliver boxes to your home and all the material you need to pack up your belongings, including tape, bubble wrap, protective covers, etc.

Attractive prices
You can store your belongings for as long as you want – a month, six months or more. We have designed offers to fit with the length of your stay.

A flexible offer, 100% online
You can easily extend your storage period online while abroad.

It's cheaper than the cost of a storage unit.
You only pay for the area used: no need to rent a large storage unit just for a few boxes.

Are you ready to store your stuff?

Order your boxes online now, and start storing before you leave.


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